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The Role of Risk in Damage Prevention

In 2014, I presented at the CCGA in Alberta and raised the topic of using Risk in the damage prevention world.  To often we have shut the conversation down with the typical idea of aiming at zero risk.  However, we must acknowledge that in the damage prevention world every dig, every locate and every all-clear comes with a risk.

I believe that we need to understand these risks and utilize them in our decision making process.

Consider some of the variables we can use to understand risk in the damage prevention world….

  • Type of Work (Gardening vs. Water Main Installation)
  • Hand Dig vs Machine Dig
  • Who is digging (Excavator or Homeowner)
  • What is near by!

Planview combines all of these and more into a comprehensive risk algorithm used to help infrastructure owners better understand the risks associated with the daily activities occurring near their assets.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can better understand the risks associated with digging activities in proximity to your assets, please contact us and ask about DPRAT.


Kris Philpott