Products & Services

  • Our Clients Include: Consulting engineering firms, municipalities, commercial accounts, property developers, as well as electrical and telecom network operators
  • Engineering & Design: Our engineering focus supports a consultative collaboration throughout the asset life cycle of physical networks – from planning and pre-engineering to engineering design, structural analysis, permitting, and to asset records management
  • Sub-Surface Utility Engineering (SUE): Our SUE team specializes in the coordination of projects requiring complex investigation of existing underground infrastructure, including utility locating, mapping, GPS surveying, data manipulation and record keeping
  • GIS Services: Our GIS group helps clients optimize their core business by applying specialized spatial data management to the problems of land-base, network, and data management; utility asset management, and data transformation. We mitigate damage risks using One Call Mapping Services, MultiViewer Integrator, and DPRAT Risk Analysis
  • DPRAT: The Damage Prevention Risk Analysis Tool enables Utilities to take control of damage prevention. DPRAT analyzes each locate request and provides a risk score based on probability impact. This allows damage prevention professionals to be proactive as they understand where high-risk dig activities are located.

Taking Health, Safety and Environment to the next level

The cornerstone of Planview's business is OEC’s award-winning “Stayin’ Alive Safety Program” . Planview is part of the OEC Family of Companies and safety is embedded into our culture and practices. We constantly monitor and review workplace hazards and continually improve best practice policies and procedures. Our focus never deviates from the safety of our workers, the public we serve and the environment we live in.

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