Telecom Engineering

At Planview USL, our industry leading
telecom design services integrate
Engineering, GIS and Subsurface Utility
Engineering to support ISPs throughout
their network asset lifecycle staring with

initial planning and including pre-
engineering design, structural analysis,

full design, permitting, operational and
GIS management.


  • LiDAR Collection and Extraction.
  • Landbase-as-a-Service. Access 2D
    CAD files as a byproduct of your
    LiDAR collection.
  • Enable remote teams
    to access point cloud and street
    imagery for preliminary design
    purposes and asset management.
  • Network Route Planning. Find the
    optimal path to connect more


  • FTTH Design
  • Pole Line Loading and Design
  • Fibre Optic, Copper and Coaxial networks
  • Underground and Aerial Design
  • 5G Infrastructure Design
  • Splicing Design
  • 3rd Party Permitting
  • Specialty Permitting (rail, bridge, waterway,
  • MTO, pipeline, etc.)
  • Manhole & Duct bank Design
  • BAU/MSA ongoing Design
  • Greenfield Network Expansion
  • Design standards to align with your GIS
  • Application and Asset Management Programs


  • Construction Inspection
  • Joint Use Attachment Inspection and/or audit As Built Detail Conversion into GIS
  • MultiViewer utility data sharing platform manages the secure distribution of As Built records to support utility locates.