Subsurface Utility Engineering

Subsurface Utility Engineering

Integrated services set us apart.

Our team of talented industry professionals provides services to support subsurface utility engineering projects. Our focus is to provide small firm attention to our customers and to give partner level service to all.

Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) is an essential tool for civil engineers, land developers, and utility providers. SUE is the process of locating and mapping all underground utilities, such as pipelines, conduits, and manholes, in order to protect them during construction, excavation, and other activities. We specialize in providing expert SUE services that use the latest technologies, such as ground penetrating radar and electromagnetic mapping, to accurate and safely identify the location of underground utilities. Our services help reduce construction costs, minimize risk, and maximize benefits for our clients. Contact us today to learn more about how our SUE services can benefit you.

Subsurface Utility Engineering

  • SUE level D-A
  • Utility Investigations
  • CCTV Investigations
  • Multi-Channel GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar)
  • Utility Daylighting¬†
  • Hydro Excavation

Utility Coordination

  • Utility Conflict Identification & Resolution
  • 3rd Party Utility Permitting
  • Utility Relocation Management
  • Records Creation

GIS Services

Inspection Services

  • Network Construction
  • Structure & Infrastructure
  • Confined Space & Manhole
  • Third Party / Joint Use Attachment
  • Asset Condition

Digital Twin


  • BIM & 3D Modelling of Aerial & Buried Utility Infrastructure
  • LiDAR Collection & Processing
  • Surveying

Damage Prevention Tools

  • Event Based Predictive Analytics (Asset Failures, Excavation Damages, Network Outages)
  • One Call / 811 Integration & Support Services
  • Risk Scoring & Impact